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A (Tiny) Design Change for Tiny Juicy IPA

Same liquid, slightly different can.

tiny juicy IPA beer can on a table next to a box of tiny juicy IPA

We're making a tiny change to our Tiny Juicy IPA can! 

In the coming weeks, labeled cans of Tiny Juicy will be gradually replaced by sleek painted cans, which feature slightly amended artwork. We made this change for two primary reasons:

1) You all drink a lot of Tiny Juicy IPA! To keep up with demand, we need to speed up our canning process, and removing labels does just that. 

2) It's environmentally-conscious! No labels means less waste. 

To start, only cans of Tiny Juicy will feature the new design, though six pack boxes will soon follow suit. The delicious liquid inside will remain exactly the same. 

If you've got any questions, feel free to send us an email at or send us a direct message on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Thanks!